Universal Entertainment Group - Celebrity Video & Voice Greetings
Celebrity Video & Voice Greetings
Personalized Video & Voice greetings that the fan creates using their favorite celebrity's pre-recorded voice drops. The greeting is sent to the recipient's cellular phone and/or e-mail. This allows the celebrity to personally connect to millions of their fans during holidays, special life events or even just to saying hello.

Universal Entertainment Group - Sweepstakes
The ability to set up a sweepstake with prizes such as personal items, fan desired memorabilia, vehicles, recording equipment and performance wardrobes, etc. The winners of the sweepstakes will be chosen at random and broadcasted live by the celebrities themselves on national television or via webcast.

Universal Entertainment Group - Social Networking
Social Networking
Each celebrity fan club community has its own branded social network that combines the characteristics of the most commonly used social networks with new never before seen features.

Universal Entertainment Group - Online Merchandising
Online Merchandising
Our merchandising system can work with our Celebrity's current line of merchandising or we can provide merchandising for our customers at their request. Our in house staff specializes in all merchandising from ordering to the shipping of products.

Universal Entertainment Group - Social & Financial Support
Social & Financial Support
We provide robust reporting for all fan activity on the site. Understanding your fan's interests and needs is imperative in order to increase celebrity marketability and pinpoint areas of interest and sales opportunity.

Universal Entertainment Group - Event Services
Event Services
Create custom events and unique opportunities for the celebrity with our ticketing platform, VIP packages, and on-site coordination.

Universal Entertainment Group - Custom Design & Development
Custom Design & Development
Our team of graphic artists and programmers are at the celebrity's disposal to ensure that the integrity of the celebrity's image is always maintained.

Universal Entertainment Group - Management & Support
Management & Support
Our experienced team of professionals is available 24 hours a day to ensure that all celebrity fan club community needs are met expediently and accurately.

Universal Entertainment Group - Content Management
Content Management
A flexible system that manages workflow in a collaborative environment from conception to the final product.

Universal Entertainment Group - Content Planning
Content Planning
Develop and implement strategies that work around a Celebrities image for today and for the future.